Hirose Dyeworks01 - colors & patterns

Welcome to the world of minimal patterns. This app is for you to explore and experience the various intricate pattern designs and colors originally created for a kimono. Particular patterns and colors are selected for each month of the year, from which you can select your favorite pattern and paint it with the color of your choice.

✽ We aim to create new things out of traditional designs and techniques, and we call this "Komon Hirose IKI."
special thanks: Art Constellation Inc., Fokker Planck, Inc., Sonic Vision Create, Masahiro Miyata (music design)

12-month Screen

A specific color and pattern is designated for each month. Select your favorite month, and try coloring the pattern on your own.

Coloring Screen

Use one or two fingers to give color to the pattern you have selected. When you use two fingers, the distance between your fingers determines the width of the line. (In the real atelier, dyeing of patterns is done by applying coloring paste with a specific wooden spatula.) Tap screen for explanation of colors and patterns. Shake to clear the paint.Dyeworks01-02.png

Selecting Screen

It will provide you with explanation of each color and pattern. You can also select your favorite combination of colors and patterns here. Tap any empty space to go back to Coloring Screen. See how different each pattern looks when different colors are applied.Dyeworks01-03.png